Our Burgers

Sesame Seed Buns


Every day, BURGER KING® restaurants receive their signature sesame seed buns from their local bakery. Restaurant team members inspect each shipment to ensure the buns are delivered in the best condition. Our sesame seed buns are always fresh, never frozen.


100% Beef Patties


Each of our signature hamburger patties is made using only 100% beef. All patties are grilled on a proprietary broiler developed for BURGER KING® restaurants, then cooked over real flames. The grilling process last between 2 and 3 minutes, depending on size and thickness of the burger patty.


Preparing Our Tomatoes


Every day, the tomatoes are washed, freshly sliced and prepared for sandwiches.


Sourcing Our Produce


To ensure that each BURGER KING® restaurants receive fresh produce we work with local distributors, allowing us to serve the freshest produce to our guest.